Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another brick in the wall…..

Tonight my body was not looking forward to running. Sometimes I have to trick myself; I'll think, "OK, I can do 2 miles since I'm don't feel like going to 3 or 4." And usually, after I go 2, I can go 2.25, then 2.50,and  then why not 3? This week it has become, "Why not go to 4?" So one foot lands in front of the other, another song starts to play on my I-pod, and ‘off we go’.

4 miles at a slow run, and .25 mile cool-down walk. Total time: about 50 minutes total.  5K time: 35 minutes and some change. I played around with a little faster pace, and although I walked more, I was able to finish the 5K faster than normal.

Right now it’s all about getting miles in. I can’t judge my performance on anything but that. I might not be the fastest runner, (Heck, I might not even be able to run fast!- yet) but I can put those miles down. One step at a time.

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